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Rowley's Good Stuff was developed as a result of our close relationship with Humboldt Family Farms. Humboldt Family Farms owns and operates outdoor cultivation facilities across Northern California and Nevada. They are a third generation family farm who are passionate about their craft, stewards of the land and animal lovers. 

Our formulation science is handled by an amazing technical team of experts who are responsible for developing the equipment and processing techniques leading the CBD industry into the next level of transparency and trust.

More about our CBD

  • Our CBD is extracted from healthy, outdoor, sun grown hemp.

  • Grown in the USA utilizing organic best farming practices.  No pesticides.  No fungicides. Ever.

  • We use a strict CO2 extraction process.  No chemicals are used at any time. Ever. Short path refined, CO2 is also used for THC removal, yielding an exceptionally clean and healthy CBD extract.

  • Natural terpene profiles remain intact providing the necessary capacity for the entourage effect within your pets endocannabinoid system.

  • In addition to primary analysis by Humboldt Family Farms,  Rowley's Good Stuff also provides third party analysis by Anresco Labs to validate our potency.  The most recent COE can be viewed via their secure web portal by scanning the QR code on your tube's box.

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