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The story behind Rowley’s started from the confusion and frustration we encountered while trying to figure out which CBD products might be most effective for our big sweet dog, who was diagnosed with very painful bone cancer.  The market is full of options, there are many little treats and snacks but they contain far too little CBD to help much of anything, and often times he didn't like the taste.  We started testing a wide variety of the available oils in tincture bottles, which had higher potency,  but many were unclear as to the quality and quantity of active CBD inside. After months of trials with our very sick dog, we were convinced that CBD was, in fact, working to help manage his comfort levels, but it was still difficult to get him to take it.  He hated the taste and it was dreadful trying to drip oil directly into his mouth.

As our most trusted pal slowly started to lose his battle, his appetite began to change. We tried every trick in the book, dripping oil on top of cookies, treats, cheese….etc.  After a lot of mess and some very expensive late-night spills, we decided there has got to be a better way. Months later, Rowley’s Good Stuff was created!   CBD met peanut butter and a little bit of honey, then found its way into a handy squeeze tube. 

Our sweet dog and some amazing luck brought together an unlikely team of pet experts, doctors, engineers and an incredible family connection to one of the premier suppliers of cannabis in the USA. This combination provided us with an exclusive opportunity to obtain the most advanced CBD formulation available today.
Rowley’s Good Stuff was created specifically to provide the highest quality and most effective potency, full-spectrum CBD that money can buy - person or pet.  Our products are thoughtfully developed from the highest quality ingredients.  We are animal lovers, made in America, Woman-owned, and committed to doing our best to ensure ethically produced sources, environmentally sound and sustainable practices are always put first. As we felt with our dog Rolo, we believe you and your pets deserve only the Good Stuff.

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